My Talks

Disruptive Marketing

Guerrilla's in the Mix

Traditional marketing has been turned on its head in the last 10 years with many businesses failing to get noticed. This talk is about adding disruption to the marketing mix!

Guerrilla marketing is about thinking differently and grabbing ATTENTION!
He will explain why it is important to break the shackles of conventional thinking and start to develop a disruptive mindset. There is so much noise out there... how are you being heard?

‘WTF’ ‒ What’s The Future

Society is Changing BIG Time - From a Business Perspective, Evolve or Die!

So many factors are going to impact business during the next 20 years, a changing society, the rise of the Millennials (generation Y), disruptive technology advances, environmental, economic and infrastructure. So what does it all mean? How will it impact you?

In this talk Warren will explore current trends and share some predictions. If you are not planning for the future, you are heading for irrelevance.


Networking In A Relationship Economy

The best networkers seem totally magnetic, attracting people to them, oozing credibility and connected. But how did they get there? Where did they start and what were the key lessons?

Warren's talk is based on huge experience running over 1000 networking events with a huge contact base. He will explore the impact of social media and share the mistakes, the successes & the importance of a strategy. Whether you are totally new to networking or highly experienced, there is something to learn.

Corporate Networking

Developing a Culture of Collaboration

People buy people first. We have all heard the saying and for small businesses networking is their life blood.

But what about big business? Is networking just for those who sell or can big brands become more collaborative simply by helping their people to connect & build trust.

Corporate (Internal) networking is a growing trend. This talk explains how larger companies can improve communication & create more internal understanding.

PS Warren can also facilitate internal networking in a light hearted, inclusive way at your company events.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Developing Your Innovative Talent

Too many household brands have fallen in the last 10 years, but why?

Failure to encourage innovation, failure to recognize fundamental changes in society & failure to adapt.

The enlightened nurture challenging talent, embrace change & innovate. In this talk Warren shares how to spot the talent and enable them. He shares why it is imperative to always have an eye on the future.

For Executive Groups

The Impact Of A Changing Society

This session is all about understanding the change that is happening all around us and how it effects the businesses & industries we operate in.

We will explore current & future trends in technology, changing demographics & the different actudes of consumers. We will also discuss how innovation is the necessary key to survival & future success.

Warren understands working with an executive group is very different than simply delivering a keynote.

It’s as much a conversation as it is a presentation, where the group is involved in the content and likes to be challenged.

Warren has the natural ability to contextualize his ideas to the businesses in the room so they can relate & later reflect on what he shares.