My Talks

Helping You Create a Great Audience Experience

Every time I set foot on a stage I have taken some time to understand your audience and personalise my talk to them, ensuring they take maximum value.

Influence as a topic is broad which means I am able to build presentations which focus on the needs of the client. My keynote ‘Influence in a Changing World’ explores how society has changed (Technology, culture, diversity, demographics) and how we have to adapt our communication to stay engaged with our audience, from teams to networks to clients.

Here are the areas I can cover;

Influence in a Changing World

Standing Out in a Sea of Noise

Right now we have 5 different generations in the workforce all with different experiences influencing our decisions. We have more diversity in society than at any time in our history adding another level of complexity to the way we interact. Technology continues to evolve at an astonishing pace as big business moves closer to automation... and on top of this, the world population has doubled since 1980. It's exhausting just to think about it!

The way we communicate is fundamentally changing thanks to the social web, the pace we live our lives is creating shorter attention spans and more superficial relationships as we are bombarded with marketing messages every waking hour.

In this fascinating talk I will explore this change and how it effects the way we interact with each other. I share a modern day toolkit for effective communication helping audiences really understand how to build stronger relationships and more influence.

Need An Experienced Event MC?

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Choosing the right MC for your conference can really make your event. Being an MC is a difficult task, engaging your audience, connecting the dots with speakers content, you really need someone who comes prepared and can think fast on their feet.

When hosting an event, your event MC has to be charismatic, engaging and entertaining right from the get go. Having run over 1,000 business events during the last 15 years I know what it takes to keep to a schedule, relate to an audience and improvise calmly when things don't go quite to plan.

Working with you from planning to execution of your event, ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

Executive Groups

Leadership and Influence in a Changing Society

This session is all about understanding the change that is happening all around us and how it effects the businesses & industries we operate in.

We will explore current & future trends in technology, changing demographics & the different actudes of consumers. We will also discuss how innovation is the necessary key to survival & future success.

I understand working with an executive group is very different than simply delivering a keynote.

It’s as much a conversation as it is a presentation, where the whole group is involved in the content and likes to be challenged.

I am experienced enough to contextualise my ideas to the businesses in the room so they can relate & later reflect on what I will share.


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